What makes copy great?

What makes copy great?

February 25, 2014

Good copy or great copy…

When you’re writing your new funky restaurant or hotel website copy or creating marketing/advertising material for your new bar, what crosses everyone’s mind is “But will this transfer into sales?”

This is the essential difference between good and great copy. Great copy means not writing a monotony of sales spiel and a drone of marketing drivel, then making that person want to know more and turning it into a sale.

What really makes good copy great is by creating connections. Maybe by making people laugh or creating interest in something you’ve written about. Possibly even driving them to Google something. This makes it memorable, and that’s the idea here.

There’s no hard and fast formula when it comes to writing copy to drive more visitors to your hotel or restaurant. Your brand has it’s own tone of voice, register or maybe even an entirely different dialect. You have to be sympathetic to that, knowing and appealing to your own specific audience is priority numero uno. If you marginalise your diners or customers, you harm sales and it might even lead to harming your brand and that’s a big fat no-no.

To sum up:

Know your own audience, they’re your best asset.

Do everything you create with your own relevant hotel visitors and diners in mind.

Be creative; use interesting ways of making your point like photos, interactive elements etc.


Make it interesting; it doesn’t have to be prosaic or complex. It can be simple and silly if that appeals to your target audience.

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