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Website SEO

February 19, 2014

Website SEO…

Do you understand SEO and how your website is found and ranked by search engines?

Here’s a little analogy which might help you out (Remember you can always speak to us if you’re concerned your website is not ranking well on search engines).

So imagine you are at a party (this represents the internet landscape). The party is full of guests (websites). The guests are all different, some are young some old. Some are loud and tell great stories, others are quiet and stand in the corner hoping someone will come and talk to them. Now imagine a waiter is going to patrol the room, topping up drinks (a search engine).

Who do you think the waiter will spend more time paying attention to? The quiet guest who stands in the corner and doesn’t say much or the louder more exuberant guest who demands attention?

Of course this is a crude analogy, but it does work. Older websites, with more to say with an ability to communicate their message clearly are generally ranked higher by search engines. This because they are considered more relevant to the reader.

There are many other factors involved, but your website must work hard for you. With content, the way it is built and structured and the traffic that flows to it.

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