How to use Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences

How to use Facebook Custom and Lookalike Audiences

August 23, 2017

With 1.8 billion users, Facebook is a powerful platform for restaurants to reach out to potential customers and reconnect with existing ones. But how do you find the right people to target with your adverts?


Custom Audiences / Remarketing

Any marketer can attest to the fact that a “warm” audience who is already acquainted with your restaurant is far more likely to convert than someone who has never heard of your brand before.

There are several types of Custom Audiences that allow you to re-target ads to people who have previously expressed interest in your restaurant.

  • Customer list

You probably already have a database of guest emails or phone numbers – make the most of it and let Facebook match the information with its users. Normally, 60-80% of your list will be matched and included in your Custom Audience. This is a very simple yet effective way of retargeting your existing customers.

  • Website traffic

To retarget your website visitors, you first need to set up a Facebook’s ad tracking pixel on all pages of your website. This is a snippet of code that will collect information about the people visiting your website, and also the actions they take while browsing it such as viewing a menu or making a booking. Based on this, you can retarget potential customers with tailored adverts.

For example, if someone downloads an offer voucher, but does not redeem it after a certain period of time, you can target them with a reminder to use the voucher before expiry.


Lookalike audiences

You cannot rely entirely on sales from your existing customers – you also have to reach out to new ones. This is where Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences come in – it is a powerful tool that uses AI to find potential new customers who are similar to your existing ones.

A lookalike audience can be created from any of your custom audiences. This could be an email list, people who have liked or interacted with your Facebook page, or who have visited your website. Using their enormous database, Facebook identifies traits and interests among your custom audience, and uses this to collect the users most similar to this into a new lookalike audience.

Using the lookalike audience, you can then layer additional targeting options such as location, age, interests etc to to make your targeting even more precise.

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