Use Facebook Ads to

Use Facebook Ads to

September 19, 2014
Facebook has recently changed its algorithm encouraging content creators to find more creative ways to advertise their business and to discourage publications which ask the audience to like the page in order to get an incentive. 

According to the social network the new rules will encourage marketers to create more visually appealing graphics and create more engaging content, so the end user likes a page because of the brand, not because of the incentive. 

Here are the best practices on how to generate higher performance from your Facebook advertising campaigns: 

1. Use the News Feed accordingly

The News Feed has evolved into one of marketers’ best digital advertising channels. Algorithm changes focus the attention on the images a brand is using with its post, not only the content. The photos must represent the type of experience the user will have after clicking on the ad. 

Linking the ads with the landing page will provide an accurate representation of what the user can expect and will result in higher conversion rates. 

2. Research your audience before creating the ad 

In order to attract more people you should know what they like and dislike, what are their challenges and needs. 

Now you need to focus on the images you use in Facebook ads as you need to have a vast quantity of unique images and keep constantly refreshing them in order to keep your content on the top of users’ News Feeds. 

3. Don’t use logos

The audience on social networks is tired of seeing brand logos and promotions. Such graphics take away the focus of the action you want the users to take and you discourage them to view your ad. 

4. Make sure you understand your audience’s demographics 

Knowing your audience will help you to better target the ad you are creating. Using the Custom Audience tool will allow you to approach specific users and reach to new people. Also you will be able to reach clients who Facebook already knows might be interested to the product or service you offer. 

Precise targeting will increase the performance and user engagement of your Facebook ads, ensuring they are on the top of users’ News Feeds. 

5. Be straightforward

Facebook users should be able to easily know what action is required from them after one single glance of your ad. You should clearly state what value they are going to derive from the offer and how is that going to benefit their needs. You need to ensure that the content of your advertisement has a singular focus and it is easy to understand.


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