Time you looked at your Restaurant Branding

Time you looked at your Restaurant Branding

July 24, 2014

Restaurant Branding

When was the last time you looked at your restaurant branding? It’s something that gets done  before your launch. At that point a lot of thought goes into the brand touch points, the personality, the tone of voice, brand associations, the colours, the ethos, the philosophy, fonts and photography. But then for many operators it’s forgotten about as they deal with the multitude of issues that restaurateurs face every day.  Are your posters, adverts and other marketing material in the same style or are they slightly different, the result of being created by a number of different graphic designers over the years. 

No doubt you are a slightly different restaurant business from when you launched – you have evolved and so has the restaurant market. It’s a good idea to get all of your restaurant branding materials together and analyse them. Ask yourself what messages are being conveyed. Is there consistency throughout? Are they appealing to your target markets? Do you have up to date photos of dishes and interiors? Do your competitors have more appealing branding? 

Businesses that stay fresh, adapt to new trends and tastes are the ones that capture new customers as well as retain old ones. So does that sun-bleached A Board poster really entice your target clientele? Thought not.

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