Real Time Marketing Topic

Real Time Marketing Topic

November 19, 2014

Real Time Marketing

Definition- using data Analytics with a process flow to shift marketing messaging into real time or near real time.

The words to focus attention on are, Process, Flow and Shift. Real-time marketing will not work without a documented flowing process. If within the process there is no shift, then there will be no cause for real- time element.

Three unique layers of Real-Time Marketing

1. Its a process not a project

2. Its an ongoing newsroom, not an advertising campaign

3. The content has to be brand relevant and current

The important consideration for a company is that they should avoid the position of Buzz Wedge. This is when companies begin to capitalise on a social trend, or news story purely for the social buzz. This may even completely be a different direction to what the brand is about. Ideas need to be organic and using a buzz to generate engagement will harm authenticity.


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