Hotel marketing ideas from the Independent Hotel Show

Hotel marketing ideas from the Independent Hotel Show

November 5, 2013

Last week the Captivate Hospitality team attended the Independent Hotel Show at Olympia, London.

Showcasing all that is new about boutique hotels we were specifically interested in the seminars.

One in particular caught our ear as it focused on review websites and the large impact they have on restaurant and hotel marketing.

Managing these sites can be tricky but a few tips and tricks were outlined which can help.

  •  With a majority of people making their reservations online and looking at reviews before they even look at a website, business owners need to keep up to date with all reviews.
  • Respond to negative reviews and go out of your way and turn them into a positive.
  •  Turn someone into your brand ambassador by providing excellent customer service even when things go wrong.
  •  Make your positive reviews reflect the things you emphasise on your website (‘Fabulous garden furniture’, for example) by posting pictures of these features on review sites
  •  And finally and most importantly be honest with your guests!

Some great pointers and we’re looking forward to next year’s show. 


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