Graphic Design Best Practise

Graphic Design Best Practise

January 5, 2016

Our team of designers live and breathe design, taking inspiration from everywhere. But what makes a great design and what’s the process that leads to the creation of beautiful artwork? Here we find out.

Design is constantly evolving with trends coming and going. Therefore it’s essential to keep learning and keep being passionate about great design. At Captivate we study those trends, tastes and what’s new in restaurant branding and hotel graphic design. Here’s a summary of all the elements that go into producing great designs, every time.

  • Adaptability / Flexibility Most designers have a style and particular colours, fonts and graphics that they like, but great designers adapt their style, creating artwork that’s perfect for the client and their target markets.
  • Keep it simple Keep to the core message – whether that’s the offer, promotion or key USP. These days 1000’s of companies are trying to grab the attention of your customers every single day, make sure they get what you are saying instantly with enticing minimal copy, images, easy to read fonts and design.
  • Typography Fonts are very important to the brand and to communicate the message – choose with care!
  • Colour Colours are emotive and can have hidden meaning. Red for example is widely thought to stimulate appetite and is therefore used in lots of fast food brands.
  • White Space Designers shouldn’t be afraid of negative space, some of the cleanest designs can be the most successful, for example Apple.
  • Know your audience Hotels and Restaurant operate in a competitive industry, so it’s essential that the designers know who the competitors are so as to distinguish the brand and artwork.
  • Layout Layout is the placement of images and text on a design. When placing images/text its important to make sure the “hero” of the design is the hero and stands out and attracts the attention that it needs.
  • Rework If something isn’t working go back to basics and focus on the target markets and key message. If necessary brainstorm with everyone in the office!


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