Establish your Twitter profile

Establish your Twitter profile

April 7, 2014

Establish your Twitter restaurant profile …

Social media is becoming the key aspect of a restaurant or hotel business. The establishment on social media channels shows that a business is interactive and more transparent in the goings-on in their business. A Twitter profile is established when it is regularly interacting with people and also has a lot of followers. 

On one of our previous blogs you can read about how Facebook competitions can create interaction and attract new customers to like a Facebook page. 

But how can a restaurant or hotel establish their Twitter profile?

1. Get your name out there! Not every restaurant or hotel has Twitter profiles or are constantly active. The first step; to create awareness that you have a Twitter profile. Search the keyword of your location/ local popular area such as ‘Kensington’. Read other peoples tweets mentioning ‘Kensington’ in their tweets. These people may be local residents or tourists in the area. You can then directly interact with them or follow them to see if they follow you back. 

2. Start hash-tags: when using hash-tags such #Kensington the tweet becomes more searchable and live to the audience that are searching the keyword. If a guest is staying in a hotel in Kensington they may want to dine out in the local area or see what is happening locally and search ‘Kensington’ on Twitter to see what people are tweeting about the area. If a restaurant/hotel has tweeted mentioning Kensington or #kensington within their tweet, they will be in the list. 

3. Follow and RT competitions: this is a very effective way of increasing followers, reaching new followers and also interaction on Twitter. Followers are asked to follow the Twitter profile and re-tweet the competition post to be entered automatically into competition to win a meal for 2 at the establishment. By doing this the original competition tweet is reaching new followers when it is re-tweeted and the followers increase.
It is best to add a picture to the original competition post as people are drawn to pictures visually over text.

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