Do you Blog?


Do you Blog?

January 30, 2014

What’s in a Restaurant blog?

So you FB, Tweet, Pin and perhaps Gram, but do you blog?

No longer the domain of the spotty teenager writing about his comic collection, blogging is now widely used by many online marketers to build content on websites and help SEO.

Here are our top tips for blog posts for restaurant marketing:

      1. Focus on one subject for each blog post. A rambling post will not engage your audience and will confuse search engines.

      2. Pick a key word and use it to keep your blog post concentrated on a single point of interest.

      3. Use your blog to drive traffic to other parts of your website and social media. If you are writing about an Easter menu include a link to your Facebook page with pictures of the dishes on display.

      4. Include pictures to break up the text and give more interest, and always remember to add an ‘alt tag’ to every picture you use.

      5. Try to keep posts no shorter or longer than 300 words without boring the reader. This gives search engines enough meat to get their teeth in to.

      6. Try to use H1 headers and include your keywords at various points throughout.

      7. Keep the content fresh and new. Don’t be tempted to copy and paste from other websites, this will damage your SEO. 


          8. Try to link to other websites from your blog. Links to reputable sites which don’t represent a conflict of interests are a great way to build the strength of your website.

So to summarize; blog posting is a great way to regularly add content to your website. We normally recommend a minimum of 2 posts a week, but the more the better. Search engines like Google love new fresh content and it will keep your hotel or restaurant website high up on results.


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