Designing for Mobiles

Designing for Mobiles

January 26, 2016

Everyone knows that mobile is taking over – recent studies have shown that over 50% of website traffic is now accessed through a mobile and that will rise to over 60% in 2017. Therefore it’s essential to have a strategy to maximise the customer experience on mobile – if you don’t you’ll lose their attention and their custom. Furthermore Google now penalises non responsive sites, so your business will suffer without a great mobile site.

Some of our clients find it all very confusing so the purpose of this blog is let you know about the basics and what we bear in mind when designing websites for clients. Firstly let’s start with the terminology – a responsive website is a site that responds to the device that it’s viewed on, giving the optimum user experience whatever device is used.

During the design stage we factoring in all sorts of elements. For example the website mobile needs to work well in both portrait and landscape. Furthermore mobile devices are smaller and constantly on the move, so the website needs to load fast, use easy-to-read fonts and quickly communicate the key USP’s.

Navigation needs to be clear and concise.

The site should make use of the phone’s other apps such as the call feature and maps. So we make the contact number and map are easy to use with these functions on the device, as well as social media links.

The content needs to be kept simple and easy to read – people are on the move when looking at their devices so there’s plenty of distractions around them.

Forms should be clear and easy to use to make sure your customers can book or contact you if they want to.

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