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Goodbye 2016!

As 2016 draws to a close it’s a good time to reflect on the last 12 months. We’ve seen some momentous events in politics and scores of talented musicians and actors have been taken far too young. It’s been a bumper year for restaurant openings and the London restaurant scene has never been so vibrant […]


Restaurant marketing for Firebrand Pizza

Restaurant Marketing for the Firebrand Pizza Launch

For my own restaurant, Firebrand Pizza, which opens in the first week of August 2016, we are implementing a wide range of restaurant marketing strategies- both on and offline. The restaurant is near Marylebone station, with the London BNP Paribas headquarters on our doorstep (with 7,000 hungry French bankers inside!) as well as schools and […]


Using Instagram for restaurant marketing

Instagram’s new algorithm and how to adapt your strategy

When Instagram recently announced planned changes to its timeline, making it algorithm-based instead of chronological, it caused an uproar among users and brands alike, who feared their posts would be buried far down in the feed and their reach drop dramatically. Instead of showing content sorted by the time posted, the Instagram algorithm will try […]


local promotional ideas for restaurants

Targeting locals

For most restaurants, targeting those that live and work in the area is a key element of their marketing objectives – few are destination restaurants. With that in mind we’ve put together a few strategies that we frequently implement for our clients: Twitter Most local businesses, sports clubs, universities etc will use Twitter. So reach […]


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Facebook’s news feed algorithm – Make it work for you!

Ever wondered why some of your page’s posts get seen by scores of fans, while some seem go by pretty much unnoticed? It’s all down to that pesky algorithm Facebook has in place which dictates what content will show up in users’ news feeds. Although some recent changes have made it even harder for pages […]



Instagram Ads- Ingredients for a Successful Campaign

With recent reports, ad revenues from Instagram are estimated to be worth more than $2 billion worldwide by 2017- outpacing both Twitter and G+. It’s therefore no surprise that the ad-route is becoming more and more attractive to many businesses especially restaurants and hotels who have photogenic products and services. As the buzz of Instagram’s […]



Instagram- How to Grow Your Brand

Social media is a dynamic constant in our online lives but due to its ever changing landscape, what you once knew may no longer be applicable today. Instagram once dubbed by many as a ‘foursquare knockoff’ and overlooked by many businesses as a ‘trendy IOS app’ is now a massive social media platform. It boasts […]



Website Split Testing

The beauty of digital marketing is there’s tons of useful data that help businesses to improve their returns. A fine example is Website Split Testing. By using A/B testing you can really pinpoint the best layout, images and text to maximise bookings and enquiries. How does it work? Firstly you need to make sure that […]



Use Facebook Ads to

Facebook has recently changed its algorithm encouraging content creators to find more creative ways to advertise their business and to discourage publications which ask the audience to like the page in order to get an incentive.  According to the social network the new rules will encourage marketers to create more visually appealing graphics and create […]



5 marketing strategies

Here are 5 marketing strategies that we can expect to see more bars and restaurants focused on to drive sales and consumer loyalty for next year. 1. Mobile marketing: Most consumers have conducted a search for a restaurant via their mobile device. To respond, more bars and restaurants are investing in mobile-friendly websites, running geo-targeted […]


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