5 marketing strategies

5 marketing strategies

September 11, 2014

Here are 5 marketing strategies that we can expect to see more bars and restaurants focused on to drive sales and consumer loyalty for next year.

1. Mobile marketing:

Most consumers have conducted a search for a restaurant via their mobile device. To respond, more bars and restaurants are investing in mobile-friendly websites, running geo-targeted mobile marketing campaigns, offering mobile ordering capabilities, and building custom mobile apps.

2. Rise of videos:

We emphasise the importance of video marketing and the rise of video-sharing tools like Vine and Instagram. Both platforms provide an easy way to share short videos that are more unique than the photographs consumers have been used to seeing.

3. More marketing integration across platforms:

Marketing efforts will be more integrated and utilise multiple communications channels to generate brand awareness and consumer interest, including a mix of traditional media, digital marketing, social and mobile.

4. More focus on a great content strategy:

Content marketing will remain a paramount focus for bars and restaurants. With the continual explosion of social, mobile and digital marketing, content marketing is a vital way for bars and restaurants to share their brand, increase their organic web presence, and build customer loyalty. And because a great content marketing program requires focus, consistency and expertise, more restaurants are seeking professional marketers to carry out their messages, instead of relying on their service and management staff.

5. In-venue digital signage and entertainment platforms:

More bars and restaurants will be embracing digital signage and entertainment platforms. Research shows that these tools drive customer loyalty and increase sales for bar and restaurant owners.


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